Saturday, 6 March 2010

Carry On Tuesday # 43

"Love You To" is a song by The Beatles from the album Revolver. It is sung and written by George Harrison and features North Indian classical instrumentation, a tabla, a pair of hand-drums, a sitar and a tambura providing a drone. "Love You To" was the first Beatles song that seriously attempted to incorporate classical Indian music and has even been hailed as the first pop song to emulate a non-western form in structure and instrumentation

Each day just goes so fast
I turn around - it's past
You don't time to hang a sign on me
Love me while you can
Before I'm dead old man
A lifetime is so short
A new one can't be bought
And what you've got means such a lot to me
Make love all day long
Make love singing songs
There's people standing round
Who screw you in the ground
They'll fill your head with all the things you see
I'll make love to you
If you want me too

Love You To

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